100km partner ski – welcome to the pain cave!

On Thursday 29th March, myself and my friend Jack will be taking on 100km on the skierg. If you have used this before, you will know how much harder it is than a rower. If you haven’t, the way to describe it is an upside-down rower which mimics cross-country skiing. Simply – it can get really bloody hard!


Although the 1000 burpees felt long, this challenge will most likely take double the amount of time and as such our goal is to finish in under 8 hours. We will be switching every 1000m, resulting in completing 50km each by the time we finish (for any fitness nerds, we are aiming to hold a pace at under 2.10 mins per 500m). This will be one of the biggest mental challenges I face this year, especially with the burn and lactic acid build up that the skierg creates.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt from the burpee challenge was getting my nutrition nailed down, both in the week but also during the challenge itself. This is why I’m excited to announce I will be partnering with Awesome Supplements for the rest of the year, a company whose vegan protein has hooked me ever since I read their ethos and tasted the product. I am really excited to trial some of their other products, including their performance blend and electrolytes + carbs, which I’ve already used in one session and instantly felt I had more sustained energy and far less issues with hydration.

After a month off in February with limited training after some personal challenges, I have picked up the training and I’m excited to re-start the 12/12 challenge. Just like anyone, I have an ideal training week and a realistic training week which often is dictated by work and last-minute plans. The below training routine is typically what I’ve maintained over the last 2 weeks since getting back into training and will aim to continue up until Thursday 29th March.

Example training week:


PT session at W10 Fit: this session tends to always include compound lifts, single leg & arm accessory lifts and conditioning. Having 2-3 of these sessions a week helps keep me accountable and ensures even if work is busy, I am getting the strength and injury proofing sessions in that will help bulletproof my body for the whole year.


Long ski session: this tends to be interval based and always 10km or more broken down into 4 minute or more intervals. Recent sessions included:

  • 5 x 10 mins (4 min rest between intervals)
  • 8 x 2km intervals (3 min rest between intervals)
  • 30 min time trial – max distance ski


Strength and conditioning: this session will generally include some bodyweight single leg and core work to act as a recovery session from the big ski the day before, and to help bulletproof my body.

This session will usually end in short intervals on the airdyne, usually 30 seconds on/30 seconds off or 1 minute on/1 minute off.


Interval session or run: dependent on my work week, this session tends to be more flexible. If I can make it to the gym, this will tend to be a mixed interval session, either combining different pieces of equipment or hitting shorter intervals on the ski. Recently this has included:

  • 15 x 45 seconds on/15 seconds on: on both ski, airdyne, and row (45 minutes work)
  • 10 x 500m ski (1-2 minutes rest)
  • 10 min ski, 9 min row, 8 min ski, 7 min row….2 min ski, 1 min row


PT session at W10 Fit


Ski challenge practice: this tends to try and mimic the ski challenge, and the distance hit by the session has increased each week. I started at 10 x 1km (with 4 min rest) and last weekend I hit 25 intervals. This allows me to build up my exposure to the full event, whilst also testing out nutritional strategies and how I react to different foods.

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