Example Training Week

Leading up to the first event, I thought it would be good to highlight what my training weeks have looked like. My focus for training since Christmas has been to hit as many sessions as possible to bring up all areas of my fitness following the long christmas period. Ahead of the burpee event, there has been limited structure to my programming with a greater focus placed on improving general muscular endurance (vital for 1000 burpees!) and my general fitness. Before the next events, there will more of a singular focus and progressional training structure but for tonnes of burpees after a 2 week christmas break, the two things that will get me through is a base-level of fitness and my mental fortitude – something you can’t train!


Conditioning – aim was to get heart rate up after Christmas and just move

a) Intervals – 10 x 30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off on the treadmill and airdyne

b) 100 burpees – focusing on technique, breathing and pacing


AM session: Small group personal training at W10 Fit – great way of keeping me accountable and these sessions help me maintain strength and prevent injury through quality supervised coaching, total body and single/leg movements that also challenge my core.

PM session: 30 minute max distance ski – testing to see where I’m at ahead of the 100km partner ski I am doing in March. From this I will develop a more structured programme and then re-test in 8 weeks. 


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): a class at W10 where the session is based on our heart rate and takes you through all different intensity levels with rest periods – doing a class like this keeps me accountable and HIIT is a great way of boosting my overall fitness in a short space of time, which is vital when I’m working.


Rest – some basic stretching


AM session: Small group personal training at W10 Fit

PM session: Conditioning workout (5 min airdyne, 50 weighted burpees, 4 min airdyne, 40 weighted burpees…down to 1 min airdyne and 10 weighted burpees) – the aim of this workout was to get some weighted burpee volume in whilst working my fitness. Adding a cardio piece like the airdyne helped me work on burpee technique and breathing under fatigue. 


WOD class: another session at W10 Fit which incorporated various training elements from barbell complexes to metabolic conditioning




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