CHALLENGE 1 – 1000 burpees

So it’s now just over 2 weeks until I take on the first challenge – 1000 burpees with a 10kg weighted vest. It’s taking place on Saturday 20th January at W10 Fit, and I will be starting around 9am with aim of finishing within 3 hours.

Physically this may be one of the toughest challenges I face this year. Coming off the back of 3 weeks on holiday will mean my fitness will be at it’s lowest level compared to any of the other challenges. The break has been worsened by the fact that those 3 weeks involved eating everything in sight and drinking like I was back in fresher’s week.

That means this challenge will be all mental fortitude. I’ve spent the last week trying to get as many sessions under my belt as possible to try and gain some fitness back, and will continue building my fitness as much as possible in the next two weeks. This does mean that not hitting the challenge in peak physical condition will mean my mental game will have to be strong, to push through when my body might start wanting to give up.

For all those reading this and thinking ‘This is great Josh, but what is a blimmin’ burpee?!’, take a look at this video:

No straight arm burpees here. Each one will be chest to floor, touching a target about 2 inches above my head. Anyone who has done a burpee before will know how quickly  these jack your heart rate up and make it hard to breathe. However, instead of being realistic and taking on 1000 burpees as it is, I’ve decided to make it even harder by putting on a 10kg weighted vest – something I may live to regret! The vest is constricting in itself so will make it even harder to control my breathing.

There is a good reason behind this. One of the biggest aims for taking on the 12/12 Challenge is raising as much awareness as possible for CALM and the amazing work they do, as well as the issues surrounding suicide. Part of this is the emotional weight that those feeling suicidal carry on a daily basis as they feel they can’t open up and reach out for support before it’s too late. As a symbol of this, I will be doing a number of the events, including this one with a 10kg weighted vest on. You can read more about my reasons for taking on this challenge, and the other 11, in my first blog post here.

Any support would be amazing, whether you want sponsor me, share the event with your friends, or even come and join me in doing either the whole 1000 or just 20 burpees! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the event and getting involved.

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