I‘m tired. I’ve had a long day at work. I don’t have time. I can’t get up that early.

I’ve often been guilty of these excuses. Finding ways to let my head get the better of me, rather than pushing through and finding a way to fit training in.

However, one of the biggest motivations for me has always been finding something to focus on. Sport, an event, even a holiday. This has always helped focus my training, giving me a point to work towards. The difference with the 12/12 Challenge will be I can’t finish an event and then relax. Sure I’ll take a few days to recover, eat a few doughnuts and not set foot in a gym! But these breaks will be short-lived to ensure I am hitting each event in the best possible shape, which will require a consistent training programme, limited excuses and holding myself accountable!

To achieve this, a big part of my training for the year will be based at W10 Fit. I trained there in April for 8 weeks and during that short period I became the fittest I’d been in a long time. Having knowledgable and quality coaches running a few of my sessions a week will keep me accountable, especially when after a long work day the last thing I might want to do is an hour of conditioning! I will also be completing a few of my events there, so I will hopefully be able to tap into the awesome community atmosphere W10 have created and rope a few crazy fitness fanatics into joining me for some of the events.

To keep me more accountable, I am also going to be posting updates on my training and progress, as well as any tips or tricks I learn a long the way to help anyone else mad enough to set themselves a similar challenge!


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